If it's something geeky, then the La Porte brothers want to talk about it. And talk about it some more. Then keep on going down and down to geeky goblin town, until you realize they think about this stuff way too much. 

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The Brothers Geek

The La Porte brothers have always had one mission: to be best damn geeks they can possibly be. That means exploring topics from movies, video games, books, television, and more. Sometimes the brothers are insightful, sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are wildly inappropriate. (Most of the time). They also geek out on craft beer. (Hence the inappropriateness). 

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A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast

The real quest of this podcast is the story of the heroic tasks of Patrick to get Chris to finally try Dungeons and Dragons. Well, now neither of them can stop, so they decided they might as well record the whole endeavor. They are joined by an amazing cast that includes friends from UpDownLeftDie

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