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Geeky brothers talk about geeky things, like how to fix the Star Wars prequels, the real villain of the Pokemon franchise, and how all those other rings Sauron made was actually for "exposure" to land the job he really wanted. Join the La Porte brothers in the now bi-weekly podcast, The Brothers Geek, for all your geeky needs wherever you listen to podcasts.

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 Chris La Porte

Chris La Porte


Everyone has a story. Hey, me too! I grew up in the easily looked over city of La Habra, California. Then I moved all the way over to Whittier, California. Look them up; you will see the arduous journey I undertook. A new adventure has taken me to Nashville, Tennessee and new chapters are forming every day.

Growing up, I was a pretty standard kid. I started trending geeky early on though, and it only got worse from there. I blame the camping trips throughout my life, mixed in with adventures with friends early on, many involving braving the railroad tracks near my house. Then the influences came too quickly to stop them. SEGA, Star Wars, Mystery Science Theater, and, God help me, Lord of the Rings.

Writing was something that was always there. Well, I guess you can say storytelling was always there. (The stick figure picture books I made as a kid wouldn't exactly count as writing). In high school, I started writing short stories, joined the journalism team, and kept on working on books that would form some of the ideas of my later work.

The classes at Fullerton College and Cal State Long Beach were what brought about a more serious turn. The short stories that were fun ideas spit onto a page became serious works. You can see some of them here on this website.

I love to write stories that show something real. In life, not everything gets wrapped up in a nice bow. Darkness doesn't always get completely pushed back. The characters I create must deal with, sometimes, harsh themes and real consequences. That's not to say there isn't hope.

It's only the beginning, and I'm so glad you are joining my brother and I on this adventure.

-Christopher La Porte

 Patrick La Porte

Patrick La Porte



Everyone has a story. Hey, me too! Wait, this sounds familiar. 

Being the younger brother wasn't all that bad. Sure, I got stuck with hand-me-downs. Sure, Chris could boss me around. Sure, I had to play as Luigi. But Chris also introduced me to the fantastic world of all things geek. From Sonic to Mario Party to watching Chris and our dad (lovingly known as the Daddenborn) investigate every nook and cranny of a Zelda dungeon; video games and nerd culture have been part of my life since the womb. As much as I didn't want to admit it, I lived and breathed geek. At first I was embarrassed sure, I wasn't the good looking athlete. But now I have learned to accept and embrace it. And I have found out something amazing. And I love it. 

Because video games, and many things in nerd culture, are art. 

Art connects people. Art speaks beyond what can be said in mere words. (Sorry Chris, I'm not bashing writing.) So, it was around a year ago that I discovered my own passion for art and rediscovered my passion for geek culture. Thus, two things were created. My own artistic pursuits in the world of drawing and graphic art, and The Brothers Geek. And that started me down the road that goes ever on and on.

And now look at me. A year into podcasting, a second podcast created, and starting my own brand self-titled Wild at Heart Productions. So, that's where I find myself today. An artist. And a geek. 

Go figure. 

-Patrick La Porte